Melanie Attwell          24 August 2012

I enlisted the services of Erin Webber as I was about to attempt my first Shahzada. This is a 5day, 400km endurance ride through some of the toughest terrain in Australia.

My horse has had issues with locking up in his shoulders and concussion at rides previously so these were my main areas of concern.
After arrival at the ride Erin went over my horse and released the tension that was already present. After each leg she would once again go over him in the quite, patient manner that I have learnt is indicative of the masterson method.
Erin not only maintained the suppleness and ease of movement in my horses’ gaits, she improved his performance throughout the week.
Erin was a consummate professional and worked within my horses comfort zones to encourage him to release all his tension and pain.
I am now converted to the Masterson method. Erin Webber has shown how well it works for my horse and for all the others that she worked on during the week of Shahzada 2012.
I have no hesitation in recommending Erin and the Masterson Method for any horse experiencing pain, tension or tight muscles

Melissa Attwell, Masterson Method Convert