∞ How often should I get my horse massaged?

I recommend once a month at a minimum. If in strenuous work once a week would be ideal.

 ∞ Can I ride my horse after a massage?

If you can’t wait then most definitely. However, it is recommended for best results that the horse has a quiet, leisurely activity followed by rest.

∞ When is the best time to continue a normal work load following a massage?

Usually the next day is ideal or at least a good few hours afterward. Again, to maximise benefit sand results of a massage, it is recommended that the horse is allowed to rest until the following day. However this is not critical

∞ Am I able to use some of the techniques I’ve learnt on my horse for relaxation?

Absolutely. Your horse will let you know what he likes and what he does not like. Keep a close eye on their ears and their breathing. Stop if you are not sure.

∞ How do I know if a massage has helped my horse?

Firstly, your horse may drink a large amount of water, he will have a softer eye, he may lie down & have a sleep, their appetite will return and the happy demur returns. When riding you should feel smoother transitions and a more comfortable ride .

Can the Rider also get a massage and benefit from Erin’s skills?

Absolutely definitely. Erin has been massaging humans, including elite athlete’s, for over 23 years and is one of the most sought after masseuses on the Gold Coast. The Rider will definitely benefit from Erin’s expertise in massage therapy.